Uribag: the handy reusable urinal for travel use

Everyone can be in a hurry sometimes. But there isn’t always a lavatory nearby.
Here the Uribag offers a solution.

The Uribag is a small, well-designed urinal for travel use that stows away neatly in a pocket or a handbag. There is a model for gentlemen and a model (anatomically formed) for ladies.

On campsites or long car trips the Uribag can provide relief.
The urine is collected in the leak-proof latex bag, discreetly and without fuss.

You can use it whether you are lying down, seated or standing.


After use, you can close the tight-fitting top and empty the bag at a convenient time for you. The bag folds away neatly into the tube after cleaning.
So it’s not surprising that so many people use the Uribag:

campers, festival-goers, drivers, sailors, canoeists, mountaineers, truck-drivers, wheelchair users, bedridden, disabled persons, parents with small children, etc.