Instructions for Uribag M

  1. Remove cap first before sliding the latex bag from the tube.
  2. After use, the Uribag M can be rinsed with water (preferably hot water), and from time to time with soapy water.
  3. When emptied and cleaned, the latex bag can be slid back into the tube, and the cap replaced.


 Information Uribag M

  • If you will not be using the Uribag M for a longer period of time, you should ensure that inside of the latex bag is dry.
  • For reasons of hygiene, you are advised to keep your Uribag M strictly for your own personal use.
  • People with a hypersensitive reaction to latex should not use the Uribag M.
  • The Uribag M should be exposed to ultraviolet light (daylight and sunlight) and oily substances as little as possible.
  • Do not allow the Uribag M to come into contact with sharp objects, and do not handle the Uribag M with chemical agents and/or greasy substances.
  • The Uribag M has a maximum content of approximately 1200 cc.
  • The liner is made of latex, a 100% natural product. If used frequently, wear may therefore occur sooner.